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Eavan Boland Leaving Cert Poetry 625 points

The doll is described in a series of concrete images. The description suggests the delicate beauty of the dress. However the language used in relation to the doll evokes a sense of restraint, for example "stitched" "airless glamour" "under glass".

As the bride to be views the doll she has a vision of herself as the actual bride. She gets a frightening insight into the restricted nature marriage.

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Dance the Tarantella: The Shadow Doll - First Impressions

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Eavan Boland Leaving Cert Essay Structure

The Shadow Doll Rhyme & Form: 3-line Stanza Tone: The story of this poem is that Boland is remembering the night before her. Boland writes poems that speak, speak without shouting. Boland's voice really makes me listen. The message in “The Famine Road” really interests and horrifies.

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Its on for the L. C Talk about how her poetry is relevant today as when it was written, off the top of my head, In Famine Road, the woman who is being told that she cant have a baby, its still relevant because many women are unable to conceive. Same goes for Love and Pomegranate which are the only 3 i can think of at the moment!

Last edited by KatCookie; at If you have parents you can write about Pomegranate even if you're male IMO, the idea is still the protective nature of the mother and the need of the child to discover the world for themself. You can talk about violence, which is basically continuously relevant what with endless wars in the world, Child of Our Time You could even fit the Famine Road in there if you wanted to get really into it and talk about subjugation of peoples.