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Copy all information needed, and as you would write it in the Recommended Readings or References Section. Don't forget to copy exact information because when you quote or paraphrase from this material, you need to cite the source, otherwise, if you forget, you will be plagiarizing. Subjects cannot be too general as in "Cats.

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The next question is "What about it? This then, becomes your subject. Example, if you chose "Cats Eat Rats," you can go scientific and say that cats eating rats doesn't make cats uneatable - that is, people can eat cats and the taboo is baseless. You can go to the benefits of keeping many cats as pets, especially in farms so the rats would be kept out of the field. You can brainstorm and list down as many as you can think of regarding "Cats Eat Rats". Consider all the suggestions of your adviser. Maybe you think that a thesis is simply to meet the requirement for graduation.

How to Formulate a Thesis Statement How to Formulate a Thesis Statement For undergraduate students who are required to submit a thesis, the first hurdle is to get the thesis statement approved by the adviser. Full Name Comment goes here.

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No notes for slide. Thesis statement 1. Where am I going? ESSAY 2.

Characteristics of a Strong Thesis Statement1. Fact:The population of the Philippines is 80 million. Thesis:The alarming rate of increase of population of the Philippines poses a threat to the food supply of the country. Sixty-five percent of Filipino teenagers are into online gaming. Poor parental guidance may lead to online game addiction among teenagers.

Choose the thesis statement. Over four thousand call centers have been established since year The industrial revolution, which encouraged mass movements of people from countryside to urban areas and forced married women work in factories, transformed the economic and social structure of the 19th century Europe, giving rise to a new social class - proletariat. I need to write a thesis statement for stress as a challenge to students. Despite criticism and numerous bans, pornography can be considered art because it is application of creative skill and it produces works which should be appreciated mainly for their emotional power.

This thesis statement is an arguable claim, which easily passes the 'so what' test, as nobody will read it and remain indifferent. If however you decide to include some other arguments into your thesis statement, you are welcome to use a thesis generator to create a thesis statement of your own in a couple of clicks. Hi, I need help creating a thesis statement on whether or not people are born gay. Hi, I need a thesis statement to go along with my research question, "How does different early childhood care impact lifespan development? Hi, thanks for stopping by. First, you need to take a firm position on whether early childhood experiences have impact on lifespan development or not.

I would recommend going for yes. There are a lot of studies that investigate this question. It is now a proven fact that human brain grows and develops until a person turns 3 years old.

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Therefore, early childhood does play an important role in personal development. The next step is to think of a possible counterargument. Of course, the opponents would say that genetics is everything. Summing it all up, here's what you may use as your starting point:. Even though genetic information is crucial for understanding an individual's development, early childhood care strategies applied especially in the first three years of life while a child's brain is being developed, have a significant impact on individual's lifespan. Hi, i need help writing a thesis statement on Assessment of small business challenges in Somalia.

Hi, nice to see you here. As to your thesis, it's important to understand that the situation in small business sector in Somaliland depends upon internal and external factors. The internal factors depending upon business owners themselves include the employer dependence syndrome, lack of basic book-keeping, marketing and business planning. At the same time, the external factors, which should be handled on the state level, include the lack of effective micro-finance institutions, lack of commercial legal framework and commercial arbitration mechanism.

So, choose the challenges which interest you the most and compose them into a strong thesis statement. Good luck! I need a thesis statement regarding dance mums and dads the involvement of parents vocalising and opinionated on how their children's dance classes are conducted because they live their failed dreams through their children.

Definitely, living dreams through their children has negative effects on both children and their parents.

The consequences can include neurosis and poor interpersonal relations. The thesis statement can look as following:. Although children motivated by their parents often achieve remarkable results, the obligation to realize their parents' dreams may have negative implications on their emotional wellbeing and family microclimate. Can you help me out? Hello, I'm in dire need of assistance. I cannot seem to come up with a strong thesis statement on the following topic: What cultural differences can you find that led to the split between North and South Korea?

Can you please help. The cultural differences in South and North Koreas were predetermined historically.

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Korea has been the battleground for nations and ideas. First, Japan and pre-revolutionary Russia were fighting for control over Korea. When Japanese won, they annexed Korea and installed their puppet leader as Korean ruler.

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After the end of the Second World War, when Japan had to surrender, Korea was divided into two large areas of influence by the States and the Soviet Union. First, Korea was divided along 38th parallel. It was an urgent decision, as the Americans were afraid that the Soviet Union could take control over entire Korea and rushed to offer this demarcation line. Later on, in , the communist North attacked the southern part.

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The war lasted for three years, over 2. The cultural differences resulted from the differences in ideologies of the controlling states, the communist Soviets and the democratic States. The following idea may become a basis for your thesis statement:.

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Becoming the battleground for nations and ideologies, after the end of the Second World War Korea was divided into two spheres of influence, the South was controlled by the States, while the North was controlled by the Soviets, which led to significant cultural differences between the two areas. Hello I need help coming up with a thesis for single mothers in America today being helped by the government, whereas years back help wasn't easy to get for poor families.

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Thank you! To approach your topic and to make it researchable, it would be reasonable to narrow it down. You may focus on specific types of financial aid, such as grants and aid programs which can be spent on food and sheltering, utility bills, childcare or job training etc.

Another option is to discuss the variety of organizations to which single parents can apply. I need a good thesis for my expository essay. The prompt is why is it necessary to take risks. My two examples are the heroic actions of Coach Feis during the parkland shooting and the March for our lives movement. I find myself in a tight spot creating a thesis for an essay that will consist of 3 sources. A film, and two novels.

Hello there and thanks for stopping by. Of course, you will easily come up with the numerous cons of zoos, including the bad conditions in which animals are kept and their psychological stress from constant contact with people who come to stare at them. Some species cannot even properly procreate in captivity. At the same time, formulating at least one good counterargument is a necessity.