Really good medical school personal statements

Sample Medical School Personal Statements

All of the primary applications is all numbers and a lot of data and the personal statement is one of the only places where you can show who you are as a person.

I think people get hung up on people not noticing them for not doing those things. What people notice is your story, your heart and your ability to show that you made connections with people. Most of the time people are not going to see that.

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Your personal statement must be authentic, original, and written in your own style and voice to be considered outstanding. To learn more about composing a medical school personal statement, we reached out to Kristen Moon, an independent college counselor and Founder of Moon Prep. I have transferred all of the energy I used to focus on baseball to my future career in medicine. The introduction is brilliantly engaging and humorous, and entices the reader for what is to come. While these experiences were difficult, they gave me a perspective that I treasure because it gives meaning to every day of my life. Graduate school at Columbia was an extension of this craving, and I chose a thesis topic that would attempt to elucidate the sophisticated workings of neuro-hormonal balance peri-bariatric surgery.

The people who are going to know what kind of job you are doing are your patients. Click To Tweet.

Successful Med School Personal Statement Examples

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I asked Dr. He said that in the ideal world, the personal statement would do xyz — being impactful and showing why you want to be a doctor and show your journey. I just give them feedback on what they have written.

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In a well-crafted personal statement, that story is going to resonate with the person reading it. The goal of your personal statement is to get that admissions committee member to make them want to talk to you more. Email deans at osteopathic schools to get the best answer, as each school is going to be different. Generally, yes, you can use the same personal statement.

A great medical school personal statement is key in the application process

Just get everything out of your head. Just start writing it all down.

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