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Certain kits are useful for pregnancy detection and for checking the sensitive allergens, for measuring blood levels of various substances. Such kits enable the early diagnose of a disease. Forensic medicine is helping in identifying the cause of death by autopsy and is extremely helpful in solving crimes and murder mysteries. The man has become aware of the nutritious value of various items in his food.

It has been proved through medical research that the conventional belief that a non-vegetarian diet is nutritious and beneficial as compared to a vegetarian diet is fallacious. A properly planned vegetarian diet is not only nutritious but also helps in reducing the risk of certain chronic health problems such as heart diseases, colon and breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. It has also raised his awareness about his personal health which is achievable by moderate exercises which ensure physical fitness and longevity.

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Modern man has taken the road to good health, like never before. Researchers have concluded that cigarettes, drugs like cocaine, morphine, heroin etc. Medical science lays great stress on personal and domestic hygiene Modern man takes special care in keeping himself and the surroundings immaculately clean. Specialisations are certain fields of medicine as created specialists like ophthalmic, cardiologist, dentist, psychiatrist, orthopedist, nephrologists, etc.

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How to stop bad habits? How to Study Effectively? How to teach you kid at home? How to use Online Education Sites to upgrade Skills? NB Amatya, Dr. Laxman Paudel hadstarted their careers in this hospital. These pioneers are the heroes and the legends of modern medicine in Nepal. Bir hospital is the central hospital where services were provided the royal family members in past. Similarly Bir hospital provided medical education to different levels of health personnel as per the needs of country.

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Starting with simple wound dressing and compounder trainingmiddle level health personneltraining for health assistants was started in BS, in the name of Civil Medical School. This training was continued till BS. This hospital was used for the clinical practice by Institute of Medicine, Tribhuwan University, for their courses of Auxiliary Health Worker, Health Assistant and graduate medical education.

This was an era of commencement of postgraduate education in Nepal. There was a big gap between undergraduate and postgraduate doctors. It was realized that the post graduatemedical education should exist in Nepal only. Bir hospital is an embodied hospital of NAMS. Under the memorandum understanding with these hospitals programs are running. Ch started in BS AD. With advent of new education system in Nepal Mahabaudh nursing college was put under the Tribhuwan University in BS.

In BS nursingprogram was restarted in Bir hospital with the affiliation to Tribhuwan University. As mentioned in the preamble of the NAMS, there are three major objectives. To be a leader in the field of quality medical educationand to produce a high skilled human resource for the nation this Academy will play a pivotal role.

To upgrade different strata of health institutes of Nepal and to provide quality health services to everyone. Develop the institution into a centre of excellence for higher education and medical services by enhancing teaching, learning and research activities. To fulfill the growing demand of human resources for the country and contribute to the national health policy Expansion of teaching, learning and research activitiesto Regional, Sub Regional and Zonal levels. Bir Hospital is located in the heart of the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

This hospital has an easy access for the general population.

It is an embodied hospital of National Academy of Medical Sciences. Daily out patient load is around It is the central government hospital with a total bed capacity. Mortality rate is 6. Annually around operations are conducted. Average hospital stay is6. Under special circumstances the remaining beds also become subsidized or free. Bir Hospital will be centre for academic excellence and remain as a central referral hospital of government of Nepal.

A master plan has already been finalized. Academic activities will be expanded up to the Zonal and certain District level hospitals of the country. Conceptual NAMS has been published, which is mentioned below:.

Curiosity: the biggest drive to medical breakthroughs

Essay On The Benefits of Medical Science. Article shared by. Researches in medical science have benefited mankind immensely. Medical science provides. Free words Essay on Importance of Medical Science for school and college students. The increasing use of science in medical industry. The science is like.

These hospitals will the right to take residents and request for the faculty accreditation. NAMS as an Apex university will do followings:. For the standardization of academics as well as quality medical service NAMS will act as a pivotal body. Our short term goal is to boost up the academic activities and improve the service quality in order to reach the level of excellence. Hospital modernization with latest medical equipment is of utmost importance.

Operating theatres are to be renovated. Resident rooms will be well maintained. For the close monitoring and evaluation of academic activities and teachers special provision is going to be made soon. To facilitate the academia better internet facilities along with number of journals, periodicals and text books will be increased. Class rooms will be better equipped.

This Institute is financially fragile and unable to self sustain with due to various constraints.