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This stipulation would ensure that people in general are better pet owners and that each pet would be able to find a home where they are able to be properly cared for. Permit distribution and regulation could be directed by a government agency such as the U. Each county could have pet ownership testing centers that would screen prospective pet owners and administer the pet permit qualification exams. Before anyone can be approved for a permit, a background check would be done to ensure that the individual has had no previous record of animal cruelty or related crimes.

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Additionally, different levels or classifications of pet permits could be distributed for species requiring greater fragile care such as exotic species of turtles. Many of the most successful animal shelters today incorporate strong education and awareness programs to advocate the proper treatment of adopted pets.

For example, the highly successful Glendale Humane Society in California requires mandatory training sessions for the prospective pet owner before they are allowed to bring the pet home. With the institution of pet care permits, accompanying pet care classes could be offered.

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Additionally, the written exam could test for things like healthy body conditions and nutrition so that owners know what to feed their pets and when to bring their pet to the veterinarian. In addition to providing the necessities of adequate food, water, and shelter, pet owners would also be held accountable for the general health and well-being of animals under their responsibility.

In a country where gun laws regulate the distribution of firearms and state-run transportation centers regulate the distribution of driver licenses, the implementation of pet ownership permits to prevent further animal cruelty is a plausible and necessary course of action. PennDOT, or the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, awards learning permits and driver licenses only after individuals first pass a written exam and a road test to demonstrate his or her capability of being a safe and reasonable driver.

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Similarly, a written exam taken at an animal rights center could be used to ensure that individuals are only able to adopt pets after proving their capability of being a caring and responsible pet owner. Moreover, like background checks before gun purchases, restrictions could be placed so that people with a history of animal abuse are prohibited from owning pets. While it may be argued that requiring pet care permits would be logistically difficult to implement, the current prevalence of animal cruelty and neglect throughout the country necessitate such legislative measures.

Moreover, the introduction of a pet permit is a natural progression in animal welfare legislation. Several stepping stones within the protection of animal rights in the past have demonstrated the feasibility and widespread impact of such legislative change. For instance, prior to the Animal Welfare Act of , animals were left largely unprotected and subject to abuse from many businesses and dealers.

The Animal Welfare Act was the first federal law to set standards for animal care regulations such as adequate feeding and watering as well as humane handling, shelter, sanitation, and veterinary care USDA. Today, the AWA requires all businesses involved with animal transportation, sale, experimentation, or public display to be licensed or registered with the USDA. Moreover, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service branch of the USDA makes periodic visits to all locations where animals are held to see that the Federal animal care regulations and standards are followed.

If an animal dealer or business fails to meet Federal animal care regulations and standards, their licenses can be revoked and their businesses can be shut down USDA.

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Meanwhile, a few cities in America and all of Canada require dog licenses to verify that a dog has received its immunizations in order for people to be able to legally own dogs. Failure to license your dog results in a monetary fine USDA. Additionally, in past court cases dealing with animal cruelty, judges have been able to ban animal abusers from being pet owners for either an extended period of time or thereafter in the future.

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For example, a woman in Scotland was banned from owning dogs after failing to seek veterinary attention for her Staffordshire bull terrier who suffered from a painful but treatable skin condition and had to be euthanized after the disease progressed too far BBC News. In America, an animal abuser in California was prohibited from owning any type of pet for life LATimes.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick, the abusive quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, was banned from owning any animals for the duration of his probation after being prosecuted for dogfighting LATimes. The institution of pet ownership permits is a necessary course of action to prevent further animal cruelty.

All acts of animal cruelty, whether intentional or unintentional, cause unnecessary suffering to animals. Moreover, unintentional animal cruelty is entirely preventable and resolvable through education of proper pet care.

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The implementation of a pet ownership permit regulated by the government would be a necessary and feasible course of action to prevent both intentional and unintentional animal cruelty in the future. United States Department of Agriculture, 10 Nov.


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Such a controversial issue requires advance planning before writing about it. It is not an easy topic to research on and much less to write about since it looks into violence and abuse of innocent creatures.