Conflicts between stakeholders essay

Conflict Of Interest With Different Stakeholders

His role is to alter the company, in terms of internal and external by utilizing his strategic vision. However, the main responsible is to ease business outside of the company. In the midst of achieving the goals of the organization, he guides employees and other people in the management team as well to go along with him. His initiatives taken are all to meet the objectives of the organization. Part of this organization is a small chemical refinery where it gives the CEO a few problems left by the previous CEO.

Currently he needs to clear up the situation left by the previous management. The second stakeholders are employees.

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However, this can be a concern to many communities who may worry about Tesco causing more pollution and waste to their environment, another issue that often arises is that it can affect local businesses by taking away their customers. The key stakeholders in business include the following:. They also depend on the organization to be successful in economic viability and their social and recreational infrastructure Holme, Large multinationals, such as supermarket chains are able to impose cheaper prices on suppliers fearful of losing large orders. Since stakeholder theory provides no criteria for what is better or worse, it leaves boards of directors with no criterion for problem solving and firms that try to follow the theory will eventually fail if they are competing with firms that are behaving so as to maximize value. Both businesses pay attention at their customers.

The employee gives their expertise and does the detached activity related to economic production. In fact, the accurate meaning of employee is any person hired to do a job. Nowadays, such a term carries the meaning of possessing a relation among the organization and individual but not similar relationship as the client with customers. They are also people who helps the organization meets its target and goal while able to enjoy the benefits of improved financial rewards as time passes. They can also make big impact in the organization. The third stakeholder is the public. The public have certain expectations to see benefits from the organization which is successful.

They also depend on the organization to be successful in economic viability and their social and recreational infrastructure Holme, All parties including the retailers and service companies in the area gain success of the organization as well. The economic will fluctuate when huge factories shuts down, while it will rise when many amenities are developed.

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Newspaper is a main media to communicate to customers, as it is effective because almost everyone has got home delivery of newspaper. Most of the hotels also buy those newspapers in a thousand copies a day in bulk to give their guests. It is cost effective and wide reach. It is flexible that newspaper can get at anywhere and anytime. Readers of the newspapers tend to perceive from the advertisements and getting positive feeling towards the brand.

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However, the life span of newspaper is short as many people do not read the same contents again and again. The average life span of daily newspaper is only 24 hours, so the life span of the advertisement is limited. Television is an expensive media to use, but it subject to competitive clutter and it brings brand images to life and adds personality to a brand. Advertisement in television actually aims to increase product awareness and remind the brand of the product.

Essay on Conflict of Interest with different stakeholders

The purposes potential customers listen to the radio are to relax them, gain more information and spend their free time. This stakeholder can build a well awareness and strong brand image among customer. When interpersonal incompatibilities do happen within the stakeholders, the relationship conflict will arise.

As an example, are some incompatibilities emotions such as unfriendly, tension and depress among group members. When conflict in relationship has happened, the attention of the stakeholders has passed to how to solve conflict of personal and how to avoid this conflicts which will interfere with stakeholders productivity. When several arguments and misunderstandings happen like differences in viewpoints, ideas and perspective in group, task conflict will happen. Different stakeholders may have common interests or conflict interests with company.

Management vs. Employees Every employee wants maximise their salaries and benefits based on particular skills and the rewards available in different employment.

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However, when sexual discrimination was happened in a company, there will be a conflict of interest between the management and employees. Sexual discrimination occurred when sex of a person become the factor that takes into considers when management gives a promotion, job, wages, training or others employment benefits.

The sex discrimination always claims by women because women feel they are unfair discrimination against man. For example, female employees claimed that managers only promote position opportunities to male employees.

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However, sexual discrimination also happens on man sometimes Reference for Business, no date. Aubrey James states that sexual discrimination was happen in Wal-Mart when managements assigned job, position promotion, wages and training for women.

According to Dr. Richard Drogin research, he found that Wal-Mart female workers earned maximum 37 cents hourly less than male workers.

Conflicts Between Stakeholders Essay

This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. The Different Types of Conflict in Some Situations words - 7 pages with the conflict and sometimes those who are indirectly associated with the conflict.

In this paper we will be exploring the different types of conflict in some situations, some different strategies to dealing with conflict, and some strategies in dealing with conflict as a leader. By the end of this report, you should be able to successfully navigate or mediate a conflict while disarming the situation. Phenomenon Conflict resolution is a. Is there is any conflict between different versions of Bible? With all of these different versions, is it possible each one may reflect a portion of the "bigger" message we would understand if we were fluent in Greek or Hebrew?

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